Have you ever walked into a sporting goods store, or any store really, trying to find out more about the product you want to buy only to find that no one really seems to know much about it? Or what they do know about it seems to be memorized off of the box or packaging? Well you’re certainly not alone. I myself have had many of those experiences, especially when it comes to optics. This company came about because I believe in providing a service, not just a product. Having worked in the oil field business for years, I saw first hand every day how someone can be so disconnected from the products they provide, their customers and their needs. Although oil field supplies are not my passion, I made every effort to know my customers, what they wanted and how to keep them happy. My boss, however, did not, and the customer in turn didn’t want to deal with him. Who wants to talk to someone or do business with someone who has a complete disinterest in what you are looking for? This is a support system as well as means to provide you with the information you need.

I am committed to serving those that support the 2nd amendment as it was written. "Shall not be infringed" is not a theoretical phrase left to "modern" understanding and interpretation. This is the right of man based on a timeless truth, the natural right of self-defense. badoptics.com stemmed from a passion, a strong set of beliefs and a desire to provide not only high quality products, but also to provide information, answers to questions, feedback and one on one interaction to best help you find what you’re looking for. When you’re in the market for something such as a high quality scope for your gun, you want to talk to someone who can answer all of your questions, make suggestions and who knows more than just what is printed on the box or in the product information.

Having been around firearms my entire life, I realize that a gun is only as accurate as the shooter. Modern optics, however, have been somewhat of an equalizer. Providing greater focus to the untrained eye while offering greater awareness at the same time. The rifle scope or other sight variation we install on our firearm should not only enhance our shooting capabilities but also be very durable and dependable. My goal is to supply our customers with high quality optics from a list of proven manufacturers. Enabling you to exercise your right to keep and bear arms with swift precision at all ranges. Whether you are hunting or in a self-defense situation, you must be able to rely on your weapon and the sighting system you have chosen to make fast hits. The optics that badoptics.com offers will enhance your ability to make those hits when it counts. Every shot counts! (Especially with ammo being as expensive as it is these days.)

We can all agree that durability and repeatability is a must, this is why I only offer optics from proven manufacturers. With a range of pricing to suit any budget and the confidence of quality in the products offered, you will be allowed to concentrate on what counts, shots on target. Although I can easily get cheap optics suited for airsoft rifles, I only offer products of known quality. Why put a cheap optic on a nice rifle or handgun? It doesn't make any sense.

I honor those who have served to protect and defend the rights that we enjoy as Americans and never forget the fallen. We are living among a new "Great Generation" of men who have been willing to give their lives for their brothers in arms, the cause of liberty and people they have never met. It is our duty, not the government’s, to assist them as they return home and care for the families of those who gave it all, for us. It is our duty to also defend the rights these brave men and women have endured great hardships to protect.

Your satisfaction is top priority here at badoptics.com so please Contact Us with any requests or other concerns and we promise to respond promptly. I encourage you to send in customer feedback about your experience with our site and our merchandise. Please send any requests you have so we can continue to carry the products you are looking for.

Thank you for shopping with us at badoptics.com